Who are we ?

Alternative walks” is a new project of the association ENACTUS BBA INSEEC Lyon. It is inspired from the “Alternative Urbaine” in Paris. The aim is to help unemployed people living in a precarious situation to get back progressively on the job market. These walks are allowing those people to regain their motivation. In addition of that, we are helping our beneficiaries to put in place a training strategy to reintegrate the job market.

ENACTUS is made up of students who are engaged in a social, societal, environmental and responsible way through entrepreneurial projects that are dear to their hearts.

We are 17 students from the BBA INSEEC determined to change things. Even if we cannot change the world, our ambition is to get great results through our different project especially with Alternative walks. You can meet us during the walks and we would love to give you details about our projects!


Our Team






En haut à gauche, Fiona : Co-responsable du projet, animations du site

En haut à droite, Lisa : Co-Responsable du projet, gestion des réservations